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If you're looking for a team to help you negotiate the complexities of marketing and selling your home, you've come to the right place. Our Goal is to sell your home for top dollar and to provide you with the highest net return on your home. Our approach is very Proactive and Utilizes a Kinectic Marketing Plan that merges technology and careful analysis to Push your property in front of targeted buyers. Instead of hoping technology will help the buyers find your home, we use the technology to find the potential buyers. The experience, dedication and strong communication skills you are hiring will help ensure the successful and profitable sale of your home.

MARKETING - In today’s buyer’s market, the days of putting up a ―For Sale sign and receiving an offer are gone. In order to get top dollar, your property has to be presented in a comprehensive marketing plan that targets buyers and Realtors. The MLS alone is no longer a sufficient tool for attracting buyers and agents. To maximize the number of people who will see your home, and more importantly to find those buyers who would be interested in purchasing your home, you have to create a multi-faceted marketing program. Such a program should include the following elements;

STAGING - The days of simply cleaning a home and putting it on the market are gone. Buyers have many options and the competition is stiff. This allows them to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each house before making an offer without the pressure to make a snap decision. In order to command top dollar, it is important  that your home stands out above the rest.  It is the homes that shine,  either in staging, renovation, updates, and/or value that will receive the first offers. We will help you prepare your home for sale and work to maximize your return on investment.

Internet Marketing - Over 90% of potential buyers use the internet when searching for a home. We will showcase your property on over 30 real estate web sites to market it around the world. But the internet is a two way street. We reach out to potential buyers online and through direct mail;

Direct Mail – Even in the age of the Internet, it is important to place in the hands of renters, move-up or down-sizing owners, and Realtors a colorful picture of your home with highlights of the property and financial information about affordable mortgage programs that will help a buyer purchase your home;

Open Houses and Local Advertising - Buyers are more self-sufficient and search online and drive thru neighborhoods independent of their agents looking for Open Houses and new listings. While over 90% of homebuyers use the internet to search for homes, this does not mean they neglect the more traditional sources of real estate information. You must cover all channels of marketing to reach the largest number of potential buyers;

Brokers Open – It is key that as many agents  preview your home as possible. Realtors represent multiple buyers. One way to attract agents to your house is to hold a Brokers’ Open for agents and get their written feedback on the home. This step is essential to the successful marketing of your home.

Follow-Up – A crucial element of a successful marketing program is the follow-up. It is important to have a timely follow-up with agents and buyers who visit your home and to have this feedback communicated back to you.  The market is not static. We will keep you apprised of the market’s reaction to our efforts and adjust our plan accordingly.

FULL TIME EXPERIENCED AGENT - Marketing in today’s challenging and changing market requires an experienced full-time agent who will work for you every day to maximize the exposure of your property. We will give you a written marketing strategy with a specific set of action plans to bring buyers to your house and to convert a potential buyer into the next owner of your home. With our experience and skill sets we are quick to react to today’s changing market and able to make the necessary adjustments to achieve the SALE! 

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Home Listing Syndication

Your home can be advertised on websites all across the web, making sure buyers see your home and everything it offers. Here are some of the national sites where your home will appear:

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